Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park

Today I spent a beautiful day with my family at the Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park in Zurich! The sun was out, the tree’s yellowing and there seemed for some strange reason to be alot of Italian visitors? Autumn holidays???

We walked almost immediately to the new Elephant Park, knowing that it was the highest priority on our agenda. I had done some reading the night before and worded myself up about the building and features to look out for and shoot. It was impressive to say the least. I had seen it a couple of times last Winter under construction, it was already back then shaping out to be very interesting! But now, up close and personal under that funny turtle shell shaped roof, it was truly like being in Thailand. Chilling, drinking, eating and existing withing a jungle atmosphere. Even the temperature was pleasant, not quite as warm as in Thailand though.

The cute baby elephant was a treat and the larger than life Maxi feeding from a small hole in the wall also provided some interesting photo opportunities.

We packed a picnic and ate inside the hall at a wooden Thai style table and chairs that watched over the Elephants space. They wanted to create a seamless atmosphere between visitor and the animals and honestly they have done a pretty damn good job! Im not usually one for Zoos and the whole animals in captivity thing, I mean, I rarely eat animals products (vegan) these days, but I was still impressed. They seems to be happy and it was just a great replication of a Thai setting. The Thai food smelt fantastic too. Toilets were amazing with a hand carved wooden baby change table and authentic Thai music playing throughout.

There is a Spirit House erected at the site of the building. Traditionally they are erected on the property where something new would be built. This would then give the Spirit of the space a new place to stay, therefore preventing any possible issues with that particular Spirit. This shows to me a humbleness and respect for the land. Even if they did have to destroy whatever was there before.

Overall it is everything they paint the picture to be like and more If you get some time this weekend and your looking for something to do. Get down and check it out. Its good stuff! Really :) More info here and photos from the trip here

Amplifiers of light

Whether it be Saddhus in India,  gibbons in Thailand, Buddhist monks in Laos, meat markets in China, camels in Mongolia, 5 day train rides through Russia, unforgettable landscapes of Switzerland, medieval sights in Scotland, quaint and quarraling Britain, sweaty jungles in Malaysia, Orangutans in Borneo, Singapore’s Hustle and bustle, wide open spaces in Australia, friendly folk and ancient cultural icons in Greece, Taranta and pizza in Italy or fabulous street art in Germany. They are all but different aspects of this living, breathing world in which we currently exist. 

Each moment is unique unto itself and NOTHING ever stays the same. With its limitations and precisions, photography is a means to capture these ‘moments’. The morning light over Zurich city, the smile of the juggler at a South Italian festival. All are one off expressions of the universe that tend to cease just as quickly as they rise. So, key #1 in photography for me, is to be present in the moment, to be at one with what is happening around me so that I can be apart of the expression and therefore capture unhindered and truthfully. As photographers we hold great power and have the responsibility to use this power honourably. Amplifier of light,  if you want to become a better photographer, enter the moment through the spaces between the thoughts and start shooting.



Spring surge

Wherever you are out there, North, South, on or near the equator, I would like to share with you some beautiful images that inspire and capture the spirit of Spring time. Here in Zurich, we have been lucky enough to experience a very early Spring. Winter is done and gone and the flowers started blooming weeks ago. Of course, it is still early days and I expect much more colour and life to be surging through the dormant sticks and trunks in the next couple of months. These images go a little bit in a different direction as my usual style and tend to lean more towards the still life, macro style photography. Nevertheless, I am happy to share with you and bring some colour and life to your day. And remember. Step with confidence, lightness and joy. The world is yours to create!


Sing a song of Singapore

Being in a position of having my own family in Switzerland and my roots in Terra Australis. I have the great excuse to explore different parts of the world whenever I fly between the two places. I mean really, who wants to spend nearly 22 hours consecutively flying from point A to B, when you could cut it into 2 parts and stop somewhere exciting inbetween…

One of my favourite stop off points is Singapore. SINGAPORE??? partly because it is convenient as many airlines cruising from Northern to Southern hemisphere and Visca-Versa tend to stop here. Mostly however, it is  from my experince that I have found it to be a wonderfully diverse Asian/Western experience.  After all it was a British colony and has certainly retained much of this culture.

Singapore is a small island with roughly 5 million people living there and moment that you hit the city streets of course, you feel that. It is hugely populated for its landmass,  this however in counterpart, provides a multitude of diversities in a small space. This allows one to explore and feel the many different cultural experiences that this country has to offer.

Little India, Bugis, the jungles of Bukit Timah and the quietude of MacRitchies Reservoir are the main centers that I have placed myself in. Of course that is just a small selection. There is a Malaysia Quarter, beaches to the East and Santosa Island, Singapores famouse Theme Park Island, and many more places to explore on top of that.

Breathe in India in a slighly more sanitary way on the streets of Little India. Sip a chai, eat some Roti Canai and watch life as it just passes by. Plenty of Indian style to buy, silver thali plates, Ayurvedic oils, soaps and medicines, clothes and foods. I would also recommend dropping in at the Brahma Kumaris center for a friendly chat with the local Yoga community members. They have plenty of literature and a collection of Yoga related gear.

Bugis, from what I have explored is the  fashion capital with plenty of street food vendors to grab a quick cheap bite to eat. Being a vegetarian I was delighted to find an all vegetarian restaurant that served up all the classical Chinese dishes all with meat substitues, they had even gone to the effort to make the subs looks like the original meats…

The Bugis market pumps from morning to night with the latest techno tracks blarring out from hole in the wall market stands. Each competing for attention and raising the decibels in order to do so :) So funny! Here you are sure to pick up a bargain on some pretty good quality clothing, trinkets, souvenirs. Oh and don’t mind the colouful eyed teenies, coloured contact lenses are all the trend!

And a small tip for those eco minded folk that might want stop over in Singapore for a short time. Tree In Lodge, run a fantastic hostel in a very central location and the best thing is, is that through all this crazy, wasteful, disregard that one see’s in Singapore a small flower stands strong amongst it all. Top job guys! I will be back.

Take off your shoes and explore the MacRitchies Reservoir when the hustle and bustle of the big smoke gets too much for you. There are walking tracks around the Reservoir that partly dip into the jungle at times. The diversity of plants and animals are reflective of the diversities of the cultures in the city. There are alot of animals! Lizards, snakes, tropical birds including, Kingfisher and various types of eagles, monkey’s galore and alot more. Best to visit early morning or late evening as the sweaty heat of the tropical climate can be overbearing.

The pictures in the galleries pages are a selection of images that I have collected since my first visit in 2008, since then I have visited 4 times and will continue to visit on my inward or outward journey to Australia.

Singapore sings to those that can hear the sound of unity in diversity.

Peace and good night.


Lefkada – Touching the roots

Lefkada has always been a mystery me, as I grew up I had heard often of this mysterious Island, Lefkada. My father was born in Lefkada and migrated over to Australia in the 60′s and It was not until I embarked on a journey with my brother in 2012 that I first discovered the face behind the stories I had heard growing up.

Not what I expected at all and certainly more than I expected. I could not help but think of donkey’s dragging goods over rocky mountains and feta cheese filled dishes. Okay, yes, it has that too, but what I discovered was that this little unknown island holds a certain traditional charm and modern artistic quality creating an inspiring and relaxing experience. Described to me by a family member that the heart of the creative flow in Lefkada comes from the sea, where the ocean is constantly in flux, therefore offering inspiring new views and ideas.

With that said I am pleased to present to you a collection of images taken from two different journeys to the Island of Lefkada , firstly in Sept 2012 and secondly in August 2013.

I hope you enjoy and that it may inspire you to one day visit this enchanting island that will take you and not let you leave.

Did I mention that the people are some of the friendliest and most hospitable that I have ever come across!

Following are a list of the places I have visited thus far. Click the link to go through to the corresponding galleries.

Agios Nikitas
Lefkada Town
Lefkada Marina


Indian Spirit

Today, I have had an inspiration to share with you some images of people that I have photographed whilst in India.

After viewing some of Steve Mcurry’s work focusing on eyes and their ability to transfer deep emotion. You can see his series here. I decided that this theme is an important one and one that I have much to learn about, nevertheless here is a collection of my favourite images from India.

I hope you enjoy & have a nice day!


Shivaganga, Karnataka, India – 2010


Shivaganga, Karnataka, India – 2010


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India – 2008


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India – 2008


Puri, Orissa, India – 2008

Bodhgaya, Bihar, India – 2008


Three brothers pose at their fathers chai stand.
Bodhgaya, Bihar, India – 2008


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India – 2010


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 2008


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 2008


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India – 2010


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 2010


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 2010


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 2010



Athens Impressions

In September last year I flew into Athens to meet my brother for a trip that would take us overland and sea from Athens to Zürich, Switzerland.  I felt the quietness of the once bustling Monastiraki square by day and the angry rioting of citizens by night. Set amongst the ancient symbol of a vibrant civilisation that once was, it was an exciting paradox of a rich history and a poor present and future to come (at least for the short term).

A local man told me that they had basically “overspent and not worked hard enough to pay it all back”, suggesting that the people of Greece need now to knuckle down and work themselves out of the hole that they had dug themselves into.

Greece was the place that my father was born and his father before. Originally coming from a series of islands named the Ionian Islands, I made sure to visit the small village named Pigadisani, from which the name “Mikronis” originated.

Enjoy the images from Athens and I look forward to share with you more images as I find the time to bring them to you. Feel free to comment & share.

Warm greetings from Zürich.

Unisoul photography

This website has been created using a template based plugin for Lightroom called “The Turning gate”, which might I add have a super active forum that gives feedback to most questions within a very short time. Great support indeed! Congrats to the maker Matthew Campagna for his great creation!!!

Initially I wanted to submit my images out for use in a Stock library, but gradually found out that it was not where I wanted my work to be going. I decided I was not interested in providing content en masse for advertisements, that could potentially exploit my work of love, my work of passion for the sake of a few hundred dollars a year… Sorry, but. No!

I instead opt for creating hand made, quality pieces from my work and selling them as that. Customized art pieces.

I specialise in giftcards and each card is scored, folded, and stamped. The prints are printed at home using a HP photo printer and the labels are hand typed using an ancient Swiss typewriter.

Large format prints, on Canvas, Professional quality Lustre/Gloss/Matte/Pearl  papers or Aluminium mounted prints are all printed at the local photographic printing shop here in Zürich.

I attend a weekly market here in Zürich where people can come to see the images in real life. It also gives me a good chance to meet people interested in photography and to make connections with those who share the same passions as me. I always love to be present at these markets because of the feedback that I get.

For those of you in Zürich, the next market will be this Monday 17th June from 19-23 at the Rimini Bar, Badweg 10, 8001 Zürich.


A treasure in land locked Austria.

In mid May I spent 3 days in Rohrspitz, Austria shooting footage and cutting together a short film for the European Tornado (yacht) championships. In my spare time, I was fortunate enough to be part of some amazing sunsets. Being set right on the Bodensee (Lake Constance) there were plenty of birds, water and trees to inspire even the greyest of souls. I hope you enjoy the images that I have bought back from my short trip to the region. Luckily I live in Switzerland and the Bodensee is just a couple of hours away. I will be back!