2013 February

Transib Trippin Pt.1 – Poland to Belarus

After reading through some travel journals from my trip that took me over land from Zurich to Bangkok in November 2011. I was inspired to share some of them with you. Enjoy, as I take you through the journey that crossed 9 countries in 21 days on a little less than 1500 Francs (1500 AUD). [...]

Inspired action through the universal flow

The week has been full of amazing happenings and I am again grateful for the life that I live here in Zurich, Switzerland with my wonderful partner Alexandra and amazing son Jaro. I was lucky enough to catch up with a friend whome I first met in Melbourne, Australia in 2008. On Christmas day in [...]

Featured Gallery – Unnerbodme, Valais (07/02 – 13/02)

This weeks feature gallery focuses on a small, unknown beauty named Unnerbodme, just up the pass from Grimselwald in Valais, Switzerland. For three months during Summer, Unnerbodme Alp, situated 2180m above sea level would house cows to be fed and milked for both fresh milk and cheese. Vast green fields mean that the cows would [...]