2013 June

Athens Impressions

In September last year I flew into Athens to meet my brother for a trip that would take us overland and sea from Athens to Zürich, Switzerland.  I felt the quietness of the once bustling Monastiraki square by day and the angry rioting of citizens by night. Set amongst the ancient symbol of a vibrant [...]

Unisoul photography

This website has been created using a template based plugin for Lightroom called “The Turning gate”, which might I add have a super active forum that gives feedback to most questions within a very short time. Great support indeed! Congrats to the maker Matthew Campagna for his great creation!!! Initially I wanted to submit my [...]

A treasure in land locked Austria.

In mid May I spent 3 days in Rohrspitz, Austria shooting footage and cutting together a short film for the European Tornado (yacht) championships. In my spare time, I was fortunate enough to be part of some amazing sunsets. Being set right on the Bodensee (Lake Constance) there were plenty of birds, water and trees [...]