Amplifiers of light

Whether it be Saddhus in India,  gibbons in Thailand, Buddhist monks in Laos, meat markets in China, camels in Mongolia, 5 day train rides through Russia, unforgettable landscapes of Switzerland, medieval sights in Scotland, quaint and quarraling Britain, sweaty jungles in Malaysia, Orangutans in Borneo, Singapore’s Hustle and bustle, wide open spaces in Australia, friendly folk and ancient cultural icons in Greece, Taranta and pizza in Italy or fabulous street art in Germany. They are all but different aspects of this living, breathing world in which we currently exist. 

Each moment is unique unto itself and NOTHING ever stays the same. With its limitations and precisions, photography is a means to capture these ‘moments’. The morning light over Zurich city, the smile of the juggler at a South Italian festival. All are one off expressions of the universe that tend to cease just as quickly as they rise. So, key #1 in photography for me, is to be present in the moment, to be at one with what is happening around me so that I can be apart of the expression and therefore capture unhindered and truthfully. As photographers we hold great power and have the responsibility to use this power honourably. Amplifier of light,  if you want to become a better photographer, enter the moment through the spaces between the thoughts and start shooting.



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