Athens Impressions

In September last year I flew into Athens to meet my brother for a trip that would take us overland and sea from Athens to Zürich, Switzerland.  I felt the quietness of the once bustling Monastiraki square by day and the angry rioting of citizens by night. Set amongst the ancient symbol of a vibrant civilisation that once was, it was an exciting paradox of a rich history and a poor present and future to come (at least for the short term).

A local man told me that they had basically “overspent and not worked hard enough to pay it all back”, suggesting that the people of Greece need now to knuckle down and work themselves out of the hole that they had dug themselves into.

Greece was the place that my father was born and his father before. Originally coming from a series of islands named the Ionian Islands, I made sure to visit the small village named Pigadisani, from which the name “Mikronis” originated.

Enjoy the images from Athens and I look forward to share with you more images as I find the time to bring them to you. Feel free to comment & share.

Warm greetings from Zürich.

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