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This website has been created using a template based plugin for Lightroom called “The Turning gate”, which might I add have a super active forum that gives feedback to most questions within a very short time. Great support indeed! Congrats to the maker Matthew Campagna for his great creation!!!

Initially I wanted to submit my images out for use in a Stock library, but gradually found out that it was not where I wanted my work to be going. I decided I was not interested in providing content en masse for advertisements, that could potentially exploit my work of love, my work of passion for the sake of a few hundred dollars a year… Sorry, but. No!

I instead opt for creating hand made, quality pieces from my work and selling them as that. Customized art pieces.

I specialise in giftcards and each card is scored, folded, and stamped. The prints are printed at home using a HP photo printer and the labels are hand typed using an ancient Swiss typewriter.

Large format prints, on Canvas, Professional quality Lustre/Gloss/Matte/Pearl  papers or Aluminium mounted prints are all printed at the local photographic printing shop here in Zürich.

I attend a weekly market here in Zürich where people can come to see the images in real life. It also gives me a good chance to meet people interested in photography and to make connections with those who share the same passions as me. I always love to be present at these markets because of the feedback that I get.

For those of you in Zürich, the next market will be this Monday 17th June from 19-23 at the Rimini Bar, Badweg 10, 8001 Zürich.


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