Lefkada – Touching the roots

Lefkada has always been a mystery me, as I grew up I had heard often of this mysterious Island, Lefkada. My father was born in Lefkada and migrated over to Australia in the 60′s and It was not until I embarked on a journey with my brother in 2012 that I first discovered the face behind the stories I had heard growing up.

Not what I expected at all and certainly more than I expected. I could not help but think of donkey’s dragging goods over rocky mountains and feta cheese filled dishes. Okay, yes, it has that too, but what I discovered was that this little unknown island holds a certain traditional charm and modern artistic quality creating an inspiring and relaxing experience. Described to me by a family member that the heart of the creative flow in Lefkada comes from the sea, where the ocean is constantly in flux, therefore offering inspiring new views and ideas.

With that said I am pleased to present to you a collection of images taken from two different journeys to the Island of Lefkada , firstly in Sept 2012 and secondly in August 2013.

I hope you enjoy and that it may inspire you to one day visit this enchanting island that will take you and not let you leave.

Did I mention that the people are some of the friendliest and most hospitable that I have ever come across!

Following are a list of the places I have visited thus far. Click the link to go through to the corresponding galleries.

Agios Nikitas
Lefkada Town
Lefkada Marina


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