Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park

Today I spent a beautiful day with my family at the Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park in Zurich! The sun was out, the tree’s yellowing and there seemed for some strange reason to be alot of Italian visitors? Autumn holidays???

We walked almost immediately to the new Elephant Park, knowing that it was the highest priority on our agenda. I had done some reading the night before and worded myself up about the building and features to look out for and shoot. It was impressive to say the least. I had seen it a couple of times last Winter under construction, it was already back then shaping out to be very interesting! But now, up close and personal under that funny turtle shell shaped roof, it was truly like being in Thailand. Chilling, drinking, eating and existing withing a jungle atmosphere. Even the temperature was pleasant, not quite as warm as in Thailand though.

The cute baby elephant was a treat and the larger than life Maxi feeding from a small hole in the wall also provided some interesting photo opportunities.

We packed a picnic and ate inside the hall at a wooden Thai style table and chairs that watched over the Elephants space. They wanted to create a seamless atmosphere between visitor and the animals and honestly they have done a pretty damn good job! Im not usually one for Zoos and the whole animals in captivity thing, I mean, I rarely eat animals products (vegan) these days, but I was still impressed. They seems to be happy and it was just a great replication of a Thai setting. The Thai food smelt fantastic too. Toilets were amazing with a hand carved wooden baby change table and authentic Thai music playing throughout.

There is a Spirit House erected at the site of the building. Traditionally they are erected on the property where something new would be built. This would then give the Spirit of the space a new place to stay, therefore preventing any possible issues with that particular Spirit. This shows to me a humbleness and respect for the land. Even if they did have to destroy whatever was there before.

Overall it is everything they paint the picture to be like and more If you get some time this weekend and your looking for something to do. Get down and check it out. Its good stuff! Really :) More info here and photos from the trip here

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