Transib Trippin Pt.1 – Poland to Belarus

After reading through some travel journals from my trip that took me over land from Zurich to Bangkok in November 2011. I was inspired to share some of them with you. Enjoy, as I take you through the journey that crossed 9 countries in 21 days on a little less than 1500 Francs (1500 AUD).

Morning time mist in the beautiful Polish countryside.

Poland – Somewhere between Lodz and Warsaw

Cute wooden cottages, outlay amongst grey and brown fields. The fog hangs low and the black birds fly high. Winter has prepared itself with nothing more than skeletons left on trees.

As we roll on closer to Warsaw, double story brick buldings line wide tar roads. We pass a cross road and the cabin shakes.

Smoke permeats from brick chimney’s, a sign of wood fired heating. Such a simple yet unimagienable thing in the ‘developed’ west.

Terespol ( Polish/Belarus Frontier)

After many discussions and a slight feeling of anxiety I finally crossed the Polish border after having my passport checked and stamped by Polish border police.

Now we start our short 10 minute ride through no mans land into Belarusian territory. It is approximately 15.30 and the darkness slowly swallows the shrubby landscape, perhaps this is all I will get to see of Belarus as by the time I wake up I will be in Russia.

We cross a bridge and pass a bright yellow and green house. I can see now what appears to be a Belarusian army training ground and outpost. The next step is Belarus passport and visa control and then the train will be shunted and changed to the Russian standard broad gauge.

Stay tuned now for the next installment where I will take you through from Belarus to Moscow… Till then! Adios Amigos!

Inspired action through the universal flow

The week has been full of amazing happenings and I am again grateful for the life that I live here in Zurich, Switzerland with my wonderful partner Alexandra and amazing son Jaro.

I was lucky enough to catch up with a friend whome I first met in Melbourne, Australia in 2008. On Christmas day in 2012, by pure happenstance, we met again by Lake Zurich, in Switzerland. Mohammed Tajeran, a mythical Iranian, travelling the world on two rubber wheels otherwise known as a bicycle, spreading the word of peace and our need as a planet for more trees.

When I first met him in Melbourne, he had made his way there almost entirely by bike, with panier bags strapt to the side of his metal frame, he rode accross land from Iran. Often leaving his home WITHOUT money he never leaves home without big amount of faith in the Universe to provide him with what he will need as he goes. THIS he has been doing for 6 YEARS!!! Only having to work twice at a “normal” job…

A true inspiration with a voice that calls out to the freedom within each one of us, of our need to experience the world with our own senses, to feel the universal current flow through us and to live a life full of peace and appreciation. Thanks you Mohammed for your undying dedication to your universally inspired cause.

Mohammed will now make his venture out to Austria, before returning to Switzerland and heading West as the weather in Europe warms. If you are interested in his journey and mission, feel free to check out his website at
We need trees

Featured Gallery – Unnerbodme, Valais (07/02 – 13/02)

This weeks feature gallery focuses on a small, unknown beauty named Unnerbodme, just up the pass from Grimselwald in Valais, Switzerland.

For three months during Summer, Unnerbodme Alp, situated 2180m above sea level would house cows to be fed and milked for both fresh milk and cheese. Vast green fields mean that the cows would constantly have a fresh source of green mountain herbs to feed on. The tiny, two housed alp overlooks the town of Grimselwald and surrounding mountains. Stunning to say the least!

Featured Gallery – Focus on Talalpsee, Glarus, Switzerland (31/01 – 07/02)

This weeks feature gallery was taken from a trip I made in October 2011 to the Talalpsee (literally translated, valley alp lake), myself and two friends took a short drive from Zürich to Filzbach from where we caught a chair lift to the peak at Approx 1000m. From there a short hike over the ice covered forest floor and accross a ridge. As we descended into the valley, the sun shone down over the Talalpsee, people made fires and prepared their lunches and Alp horns echoed through the valley. A truly Swiss experience.

I have selected these images based on their compositional merits as well as colour and overall feel. I hope you enjoy them!

They were all take on a Nikon D90, not thats its important what you use, I always say, its not what you use, but how you use it! I have made more money from images shot on a small point and shoot digital than I have with my more expensive equipment. So, no logic in that one!

Have a nice morning folks!

Swiss Winter and hand-made giftcards

After a cold past couple of months in Switzerland, I have taken the chance to visit a few places outside of the city, namely, Bergun and Trin, two absolutely amazing areas in the Canton of Graubuenden.

The snowy mountains, snow covered tree skeletons, the blinding white landscapes and icicles. I love to explore the different elements in all their forms, and this focus on frozen water, is no exception! What a beautiful time of the year!!!

I would like to share a few of my favourite pieces that I have taken from my recent trips.

More extensive galleries will be coming up soon and for those of you with children know, finding the time to manage your work can be challenging…

I also want to mention that Betulius und Hauri (now Balasso & Betulius) in Kreis 3 on Bertastrasse, Zurich are selling a collection of my images as giftcards, and since yesterday I have updated the collection showcasing more images from around Switzerland and the Winter season.

My intention is to capture the beauty of that moment and to share it. So, if you would like to suport me and my artwork that is hand made with care. Then please, click through the galleries on my page and I’m sure you will find something that you like.

Danke and Thanks

Impressions of Mongolia

I am proud to release my new collection of works from Mongolia. Taken in November 2011, on my overland trip from Zurich, Switzerland to Bangkok, Thailand. I aim to portray Mongolia in an honest and informative way. Having a limit of just 3 days in and around Ulan Bataar, it was a matter of working quickly to capture as much as I could in this short time. During this time I visit places such as, The Winter Palace of Bogd Khan, Terelj National Park, Nalaikh and Gandan Khiid Monastery.

I have taken many of these works into the ‘Lightroom’ and done a little post processing, including dodging and burning, exposure adjustment, and cropping.

I hope you enjoy my latest works from Mongolia.

A hazy afternoon streetscape in a small town just outside of Ulan Bataar named Nalaikh.


The most beautiful door in Plaka

The red door stood out in the sunlight on this particularly beautiful day in Athens, reflectively, I sat down on a set of stair opposite the door and watched, waited, imagined, what was it that I liked so much about this door? What was the best way to frame it? how to make it balanced? best angle? All those questions that a photographer poses before his subject. 15 minutes later I raised the camera and shot 4 shots, this, being the first one, I believe is the best.

Signed Limited Edition Matted Prints – now available!
Untitled #1 – Varanasi, India – 2008

Print: 29.3cm x 53cm
Matte: 39.3cm x 63cm

*Limited Edition of 20 pieces.
*Archive quality acid free matte.
*High quality hand crafted.
*Available with or without matte.

Contact me for more information about prices and sending.

Sasan Gir National Park, the last home of the Asiatic Lion.

Deep in the Sasan Gir National park near Diu in the state of Gujarat, India, live the rare Asiatic Lions, in 2010 the census revealed that only 411 of the species remained in the wild, in this very place, where I stood.

We left early morning heading out from the Guesthouse in the nearby town of Sasan, Farouk our guide arrived and picked us up in a Jeep. He made sure to mention before we arrived that we were not guaranteed to see a lion, some people come through here and after an entire day would not see anything mius a few spotted deer.

Well, we got lucky, in the first hour after arriving through the toll gates, where dodgy papers were exchanged, we came across a pride of about 6 female lioness’s, crossing the dry, cruchy landscape with hollowed dead trees and wirey brown grass’s.

We came accross a lonesome male, he was older and battle torn, with scars showing on his strong thick almost grey skin. We hung around long enough to get a few shots, but not wanting to disturb him too much we moved on to see if we could find some more wild lions.

Shortly after this encounter we came across a young man, pictured below, walking a camel through the dry forest, alone! Brave or stupid, I am still yet to decide. Nonetheless amazing.

For the remained of the day we did not see any more Lions, however, we did come across a few different varieties of deer and the strangely named ‘Blue Bull’, that resmebles something in between a cow and a horse, but not really either of them, (pictured below).

To summarize, it was an amazing journey through the Gir forest. The oportunities as a photographer were excellent, with many different variety of wildlife freely ranging. To be in the only place in the world that these creatures still roam the way they have for thousands of years is nowadays a somewhat rare occurance. Lucky, lucky me. I feel honoured to have had this opportunity. Even if it was a way out journey.

Thanks and good night.

Brendon Unisoul