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Being the bridge between Europe and Asia, I was particularly fascinated by this country, although I was to spend 5 straight days on a train rolling through the countryside on steel rails, it was nonetheless a fantastic visit. I had a short stop in Moscow before heading out on the Mongolian train #6 to arrive 5 days later in Ulan Baatar, Mongolia's capital. The trip was broken up by short 20 minute stopovers every 5 or so hours. At this time the travelling Mongolian sellers would meet Russian's from the cities and a 'moving market' would occur on the platforms. Often trading in goods bought from Moscow. This included Vodka, jackets, gloves, shoes and anything else that would stop one from freezing over in the harsh Siberian Winter. It must have been on average -25°. I had the great opportunity to witness these amazing markets, the endless Siberian forests, Lake Baikal, and the dry South close to the border of Mongolia. I got to know some interesting Mongolians and had a chance to glimpse into the life of trade between these two fascinating countries. Forever grateful.